Inside the Divine Pattern
Table of Contents - Section One
Inside the Divine Pattern
Discovery and Wisdom
Part One
Dolphins Out of the Blue
Part Two
Signs in the Heavens
Part Three
Elevens in the Heavens
Chapters: One -Three

1. The Encounters Begin
2. Ancient and Divine Messenger
3. The Time of the Dolphin
Chapters: Four - Six

4. Ominous Dreams
5. Collisions in Heaven at 11:11
6. Apollo God of Radiance & Light
Chapters: Seven - Nine

7. Heavenly Chariots: NASA's 11
8. Eleventh Age/Cycles of Eleven
9. The Master Numbers
PART ONE - The Dolphins Come Out of the Blue. Chapters include: The Encounters Begin, The Ancient and Divine Messenger, The Time of the Dolphin. PART TWO - Signs in the Heavens. Chapters include: Ominous Dreams, Collisions in the Heavens at 11:11, Apollo - The God of Radiance & Light. PART THREE - Elevens in the Heavens. Chapters include: Heavenly Chariots: NASA's Elevens, Eleventh Age and Cycles of Eleven, The Master Numbers.
Part Four
The Power of Numbers
Part Five
Egypt Unveils Numbers
Part Six
Ancient Warnings
Chapters: Ten -Twelve

10. I Am Not Alone
11. Great Angel from Central Sun
12. Pythagoras: God's Numbers
Chapters: Thirteen - Fifteen

13. Egyptian Numbers
14. Hidden Numbers at Giza
15. Mason and Mormon Secrets
Chapters: Sixteen - Eighteen

16. Mankind's Origins in AN
17. The Bottom of the World
18. Ancient and Lost Laws of God
PART FOUR - The Power of Numbers. Chapters include: I Am Not Alone, Great Angel from the Central Sun, Pythagoras: God's Plan in Numbers. PART FIVE - Ancient Egypt Unveils Numbers. Chapters include: Monumental Egyptian Numbers, Ancient Hidden Numbers at Giza, Masons and Mormons Find Secrets. PART SIX - Ancient Places and Warnings. Chapters include: Mankind's Origins in AN, Antarctica Bottom of the World, The Ancient and Lost Laws of God.
Table of Contents - Section Two
Inside the Divine Pattern
Adversity and Prophecy
Part One
A Time of Change
Part Two
Eleven Dominates 9/11
Part Three
The Final Discoveries
Chapters: One -Three

1. Divine Inspiration or Obsession
2. Time of Adversity and Change
Prelude to Terror
Chapters: Four - Six

4. The Day the World Changed
5. Elevens Unleashed
God's First Man and First Son
Chapters: Seven - Nine

7. Universe of Eleven Dimensions
8. Mayans and NASA Clock 11:11
9. Cosmic Revelations
PART ONE - A Time of Change. Chapters include: Divine Inspiration or Obsession?, Time of Adversity and Change, Prelude to Terror. PART TWO - Eleven Dominates 9/11. Chapters include: The Day the World Changed, Elevens Unleashed, God's First Man and First Son. PART THREE - The Final Discoveries, Chapters include: A Universe of Eleven Dimensions, Mayans and NASA Clock 11:11, Cosmic Revelations.PART THREE - The Final Discoveries, Chapters include: A Universe of Eleven Dimensions, Mayans and NASA Clock 11:11, Cosmic Revelations.
Part Four
Heavenly Message
Part Five
Prophecy in Book of Words
Part Six
A New Beginning
Chapters: Ten -Twelve

10. A Special Lamb Named Lotsa
11. Seven in Heaven
Leaving Coded Clues
Chapters: Thirteen - Fifteen

13. Methuselah Delivers Message
14. Anna Delivers Her Message
Heavenly Sign at Midnight
Chapters: Sixteen - Eighteen

16. Ancient Search for Truth
17. Embraced by Mother Nature
18. A New Dawn Awaits
PART FOUR - Heavenly Message. Chapters include: A Special Lamb Named Lotsa, Seven in Heaven, Leaving Coded Clues. PART FIVE - Prophecy in Book of Words, Chapters include: Methuselah Delivers His Message, Anna Delivers Her Message,  Heavenly Sign at Midnight. PART SIX - Preparing for a New Beginning. Chapters Include: The Ancient Search for Hidden Truth, Embraced by Mother Nature, A New Dawn Awaits.
Appendix I
AN Names in Ancient History, Mythology,
and Holy Texts
Appendix II
Thoughts On Heaven and Earth -
365 Thoughts for the Year
Inside the Divine Pattern
Anthony Douglas Williams
ISBN 978-0-9808938-0-9 ~ Printed In Canada
A Journey of Discovery
Uncover the mysteries of this key
time in our history through ancient
spiritual knowledge and new scientific
research. Studies of specific numbers
and letters have led to unusual findings
hidden in lost knowledge and ancient
mysteries. Unique and unusual patterns
are discovered revealing links between
modern scientists and ancient
philosophers. These new discoveries
point to the beginning of a new era.
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